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SPACEHAB Participates in Key Brazilian Industry Conference – 1999

SPACEHAB CEO Addresses Industry Officials on Essential Space Initiatives.


SPACEHAB, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPAB) played an instrumental role in the Third Commercial Space Workshop held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 23 & 24.

Industry and government leaders from North and South America and Europe were brought together to openly discuss relevant topics about commercial space activities.

SPACEHAB CEO, Dr. Shelley A. Harrison, was one of two keynote speakers at this important conference asked to share his perspective on growing international space initiatives. “SPACEHAB salutes Brazil’s bold initiative to participate in the International Space Station program.

This involvement should position Brazilian government and industry organizations to play a leading role in future Space Station research activities. SPACEHAB looks forward to working closely with these organizations in the years ahead,” said Harrison.

Hosted by Brazsat, the theme of the workshop was Commercial Space Technologies and its Benefits in the New Millennium. The workshop and exhibition presented state-of-the-art space technologies, research spin-off’s and applications in areas of microgravity research, remote sensing, telecommunication satellites, distance learning, telemedicine and other disciplines of manned space flight.

In conjunction with this conference, Spaceweek Brazil offered Brazilian children an innovative learning experience with hands-on activities. Discussions focused on the Brazilian Space Program, utilization and benefits of the International Space Station and SPACEHAB’s Space Technology And Research Students Program (S
*A*R*STM) that provides students with an opportunity to design and
fly experiments aboard the Space Shuttle.
SPACEHAB, with its Johnson Engineering and Astrotech
subsidiaries, is the world’s leading provider of commercial payload
processing services for manned and unmanned payloads. SPACEHAB is the
first company to commercially develop, own and operate habitable
modules that provide laboratory facilities and logistics re-supply
aboard NASA’s Space Shuttles. The Company also supports NASA astronaut
training at the Johnson Space Center.
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