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Space Strategy in the 21st Century: Theory and Policy – 2013

Page 345

6 AEB is responsible for formulating and coordinating Brazilian space policy, and for the implementation, coordination, and supervision of projects and activities related to sattelites and their applications, together with ground-based platforms for satellite data collection. As part of the Ministry of Science and Technology, AEB provides continuity to the efforts undertaken by the Brazilian Government to promote development of the space sector. Key organizations of the Brazilian space program supported by AEB, include INPE, Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia Aerospacial (DCTA) of the Brazilian Air Force, and Brazsat Commercial Space Services. Civil space programs in Brazil are funded at the U.S. $ 200 million level. See Eligar Sadeth (ed.), The Polities of Space: A Survey (Oxford: Routledge, 2011), “A-Z Glossary of Space Organizations.”


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