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Programme of the technical forum of the unispace iii conference – 1999

Space Agencies and Industry Heads Panel on the Theme of the Conference

Organizer: The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA)

Scope: The global political and economic changes and technological advancement of the last decade have significantly improved the space industry’s commercial opportunities. The industry is continuing its evolution from a government-driven, project-defined industry to one in which Governments play a lesser role and market forces predominantly dictate growth. In this context, the panelists will discuss the ways to establish and encourage greater interaction between Governments and industry which allows both industrialized and developing countries to better benefit from a process of the commercialization of space activities through strengthening economies, new market developments, cost reduction, job creation, educational opportunities and a higher standard of living.

Programme: Panelists will address issues related to the theme of the Conference, in particular collaboration between space agencies and industries in space commercialization, technology transfer and spin-off.

Moderator: Mr. R. Gibson (both days)

Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 12:00 – 13:30 (agency heads)
Dr. D. James Baker, Administrator, NOAA, USA
Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Chairman, ISRO, India
Mr. Isao Uchida, President, NASDA, Japan
Prof. Antonio Rodotà, Director-General, ESA
Dr. Walter Kröll, Chairman, DLR, Germany
Mr. Mac Evans, President, Canadian Space Agency, Canada
Prof. Sergio De Julio, President ASI, Italy

Thursday, 22 July 1999, 12:00 – 13:30 (agency heads &industry CEOs)
Mr. S. Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator, NASA, USA
Mr. Yuri N. Koptev, Director-General, Russian Space Agency, Russian Federation
Dr. Gérard Brachet, Director General, CNES, France
Mr. J. Vaz, President, Brazsat, Brazil
Mr. Jim Albaugh, President, Boeing Space&Communications Group, USA
Dr. Anatoly I. Kiselev, Khrunichev State Research&Production Space Centre, RF


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