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One of the important moments for me. This will surely go into my Life Story Book.

A while ago around June 2014 I was at my home in Brasilia reading the Sunday Edition of O Globo Newspaper and them I read an article about this world famous bartender in Tokyo. I them decided to keep the article so I could give to her when I came back to Tokyo. It is always nice to keep such nice article.

When I come to Japan, I normally stay in another hotel in Tokyo but I since I have learned that the Brazilian Delegation would be staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel I have changed my reservation to the same hotel.

Tonight I finally met Ms. Yukiko Kurihara and personally gave the original article to her together with some special gifts from Brazil.

By coincidence y # 1 friend from Japan Mr. Toshihisa Nabeta was with me having a drink and he was so nice to take the picture of this moment.

It is so nice to bring a positive “karma” to someone that I never met and lives on the other side of the planet. Of course that Ms. Kukihara was VERY surprised and very emotionally happy. Me too . I was happy to be able to create such positive and sincere energy moment. For me this also reflect on the way I respect the Japanese people also on personal level what surely brings me more and more a deep knowledge about this marvelous nation.

I am also happy and proud that Kurihara-san them she signed a special dedicatory on my Japanese Edition of Guinness Book that I am now mentioned as the World Record Holder for the Largest Collection of Airline Boarding Passes.


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