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Blog João Gilberto Vaz – Article – Football As Brazilian Tool Of Soft Power And Public Diplomacy & Challenges

Brazil becomes well-known by the world through his football, until they nicknamed ‘Country of Football’ which resulting their public diplomacy. By football, Brazil has a positive image in the world. For example, the arrival of Joao Gilberto Vaz, the President of the Brazil Sports Industry, to Indonesia some time ago showed Brazil public diplomacy in the world of football is very dominant. During his visit to Indonesia, Joao convey its purpose to encourage Junior Indonesian National Team U-15 and U-17 to practice football in Brazil Football Academy, as well as cooperating with some football clubs in Indonesia to help them build their own stadium, which is in accordance with FIFA stating club must have its own stadium. In addition, Joao Gilberto Vaz also said that the wanted to cooperate with its partners in Indonesia in the management of a professional stadium. Download the Article.

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